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Founded in 2000, Regen Biotech Inc. is a South Korean research-oriented biomedical company with advanced dermal cosmetic solutions for facial line and skin laxity corrections as well as body parts volume enhancement products.

Regen Biotech MENA LLC was established in 2020 as a satellite office to handle the company’s production distribution, storage and local support for the Middle East and North Africa regions.

In addition, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Regen Biotech MENA utilizes its links within the medical industry to provide a range of products for governmental bodies to combat COVID 19 in the Middle East Region. 


Our Story

Established in 2000, Regen Biotech is a research-oriented bio-tech company that commercializes applied technologies through a joint research and development body established with the KAIST Medical Research Center, KAIST Department of Biological Sciences, and leading Korean university hospitals.

Regen Biotech possesses world-class original patented technologies such as Power Pole and Kaitopoa which are essential for cell proliferation and which is the basis for tissue regeneration.

These technologies are used in our flagship products to develop our Generation IV Type Fillers, Aesthefill and Powerfill. 

In 2020, Regen Biotech MENA was set-up to cater for sales, warehousing and distribution support for the Middle East North Africa Region. 



Generation IV (PDLA/PLA) Type Fillers

PLA (PolyLactic Acid, Polyactide) is a fatty thermoplastic polymer extracted from 100% recyclable materials (corn, potatoes, etc.) After the polymerization process, PLA produces Poly(L-lactic acid) (PLLA) and Poly(D-latic acid) (PDLA). 

PLLA is a universally commercialized PLA polymer with its chemical and physical properties being the same as PLA. Medicines using biodegradable PLA decompose in the body once they perform their functions. Since biodegradable PLA does not require removal surgery, PLA prevents chronic problems caused by polymers that cannot be decomposed as foreign substances in the body.

All our products are certified by the KFDA.



Natural Collagen Stimulation

Using patented breakthrough PDLA technology, Aesthefill is perfect for clients whom are looking to stimulate cellular growth organically to replenish volume loss on the face whilst smoothing out facial lines and wrinkles naturally.



Natural Volume Enhancer

Using patented breakthrough PDLA technology, Powerfill is perfect for clients whom are looking to stimulate cellular growth organically to increase volume in the lower legs, buttocks and intimate areas.



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